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We provide young people with something special: confidence

Every young person is worth investing in, no matter what their background or circumstances. LAUNCHPAD teaches them the practical, social and employability skills that successfully launch them into the world of work.

What we do

What we are

We are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, working for the development of young people.

We are an alternative education provider, personal development training organisation and placement consultancy for early work experience and first time job seekers.

What is a social enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a business, driven by a social purpose that’s at the heart of what they do, with profits reinvested into the project.   They exist to bring about social change.

What we do

Right at the heart of what we do is the belief that every young person is worth investing in - no matter what their background or circumstances.  We deliver training interventions to vulnerable and at-risk young people on soft skills and pre-employment development.

LAUNCHPAD provides young people with something special - Confidence. Our alternative education programmes teach young people who are often NEET (not in employment, education or training) the practical, social, and employability skills that give them back their self-belief. Uniquely, we use highly effective drama training exercises, street dance, and improvisation to help our trainees develop an empathy to others, individuality, trust, cooperation, communication skills and above all - confidence. Trainees are equipped with the ability to present themselves for first time jobs and apprenticeships with renewed self-worth and a willingness to learn.

Who we are

We are a well-established team of educators, trainers, facilitators and coaches with expertise in transitioning young people into the world of work.  We provide hands-on alternative educational courses supported by specialist knowledge at PhD level.

Our professional actor/facilitators and associates in drama, dance and presentation skills, enable us to simulate and explore realistic social and working environments,  successfully challenging and developing our trainees.

Core Personnel

Graham Pountney – Director

Graham brings 20 years’ experience as a communication skills trainer and entrepreneur, plus 40 years’ experience as a professional actor to the LAUNCHPAD business.

Rose Turner - Programme Designer/Facilitator

Rose brings to LAUNCHPAD her experience in social cognition and applied theatre & creative arts in social care, education and prisons. She holds a Diploma in Psychology, and is a Doctoral researcher in Psychology investigating the social benefits of arts engagement. 

Tom McElhinney – Accounts

How do we do it?

Every course is designed to meet the needs of every individual, and is aimed at giving them a quality start to their working lives. Our courses are bespoke to reflect the different needs of each client, whilst incorporating our unique commitments: 

Programme Examples

What are the benefits?

On a Launch Pad programme, young people will have the opportunity to challenge themselves and experience new possibilities in a safe and supportive environment. They will be supported to gain employment and come off state benefits.  They will leave LAUNCHPAD with confidence, self-belief and a unique personal flight-plan.

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